1.For unused and non-expired products, please proceed to apply for a refund on the official website.
2.Products that have been verified and used cannot be returned or refunded.
3.The system does not provide the functionality to modify orders. If you wish to change the number of items, you will need to cancel the ticket and place a new order.
4.Electronic tickets purchased on this website must be used within the specified validity period. Refunds will not be provided for expired tickets. If you still have unused tickets within the validity period and need to request a refund, please follow the refund application process below:
Refund Application Process:
- Log in to the "Member Center" after logging in; if you placed an order as a guest, please click on "Visitor Orders."
- Enter the "My Orders" page.
- Find the order for which you need to apply for a refund.
- Click the "Request Refund" button to complete the refund application for that order.